I want to introduce you to my new project, Tiger Lotus Movement Retreat.

The annual winter escape happens in Colombia for 6 days and 5 nights, stay tuned!

For the rest of the year, I have designed weekend-long retreats between May and September close to the NY area.

Whether you prefer to travel the world or stay local, the retreats will be an amazing getaway.

Travel Pilates, relax, eat well, breathe. Connect deeper in to your body’s strength and with nature.

Like Joseph Pilates said:


"To achieve the highest accomplishments within the scope of our capabilities in all walks of life we most constantly strive to acquire strong, healthy bodies and develop our minds to the limits of our ability."


Tiger Lotus Movement Retreats include:

 *2 comprehensive Pilates classes a day

 *Delicious, healthy meals

 *Walks or hikes (different activities depending on the season)

 *Simply beautiful locations



Custom tailored retreats are also available. Please contact me if you are interested in a retreat for you and your friends.

Trips into body/mind connection


I am passionate about Pilates because it has changed my body and my life, because it keeps me inspired and it feeds my being with knowledge.


I’m always amazed by what the human body has to teach us. Pilates gives you control and makes you connect with your body, which is your vehicle, and keeps you aware of the present by conscious breath and movement.


Based on Joseph Pilates’s teachings and the concept of a neutral spine, I will design your sessions according to your goals and needs whether you’re looking for a therapy for injury rehabilitation, Pre and Post natal routines or strong fitness sessions. .


My purpose is to nurture a holistic approach to the body and its natural healing process through touch and movement.




Pilates is designed to improve physical strength, flexibility and breath and enhance mental awareness. Exercises done on the mat or using special apparatus strengthen abdominal and core postural muscles, which provide support for the spine and help maintaining body balance.


This method also strengthens and lengthens the muscles improving posture and blood circulation. It will show you how parts of your body are connected.


Working deep within the fascia, every move is designed to re-pattern aspects of our mechanical, functional and multi- dimensional design. Pilates can restore and promote the nature of the human design.


Allow yourself a moment to center and focus on your breath, your body, and your mind, a moment to focus on yourself.


Know all you are, and all that you can become… knowledge is the key.

The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning

is complete coordination of body, mind and


-  Joseph Pilates

Reflexology / Reiki

My signature session brings the best of Reflexology and Reiki together, improving circulation and thus promoting healthy delivery of oxygen and nutrients to cells and strengthening the immune system. Because of its relaxing and balancing effects, this is a particularly beneficial treatment for those who suffer stress-related health problems.


With Reflexology, nerves are stimulated by the application of pressure to specific points of feet and hands. This stimulates blood flow and eliminates toxin buildup in different organs and organ systems. This form of touch therapy helps relieve the stress and tension that are so common to our busy modern lives.


The  session consists  of two parts. First, a feet cleanse and the   Reiki part of the session: universal and individual energy are aligned and balanced through the application of gentle hands-on touch to energy pathways of the body.


Then, Reflexology is applied to specific points of your feet related to specific needs. Sessions conclude with an alternation of hot and cold towels placed on feet. You will feel rejuvenated, energized and ready to face the world.


Cristina Rubio was born and raised in Colombia and moved to New York in 2004 where she started practicing Pilates and training as a professional belly dancer. Inspired by what she was learning about the human body, she decided to follow through with a career that would lead her to help others to get to know all the wellbeing possibilities their bodies had to offer.


Throughout the years she has acquired experience and several certifications: a Pilates MAT certification and a Full 600+ hour Pilates apparatus certification from Pilates master teacher Erika Bloom, a Reflexologist Certification from de ARCB (American Reflexologist Certification Board) and a Balanced Body Barre instructor certification.




She also took an advanced course in Reiki, the USUI system of natural healing led by Elaine J. Abrahams and Nana C. Deleplanque.


She has trained in The Functional Anatomy for Movement and Injuries (FAMI), Anatomy Trains and Fascia Release for Manual Therapists and Application of Barefoot Science.


Cristina has learned from renowned teachers as Lesley Powel, Kuan Hui Chew, Erika Bloom, Madeleine Black, and Brynne Billingsley.





"THANK YOU again for this tremendously important trip back to the body, reconnecting, recalling how everything is connected, working deep within the fascia...BEYOND helpful and Christina is TERRIFIC. (I was a modern dancer for 25 years, studying Martha Graham technique at the North Carolina School of the Arts before becoming an actress, and this experience was hugely needed for me.... it is interesting how through age and time (wear, tear, and weight) the muscles still hold memories of when we were at our very best. Who knows, maybe I can become a teacher again, in some capacity".

Lisa Tharps


"Cristina is a wonderful instructor- she's ultra friendly, fun, open and knowledgeable ! Her classes are always creative, never repetitive and always challenging!  Whenever you think she is going back to an exercise you have done before she adds a twist to it.  She always keeps me motivated and shows me that my body is far more capable than I think it could ever be. I ALWAYS leave the studio feeling better both physically and mentally!"

Ana Villa



"I would describe your teaching style as engaging yet curious, challenging yet curious. You create a positive and reinforcing environment for clients all while managing to have fun with the technique"

Lauren K


"Cristina has an intuition when it comes to Pilates. She watches every movement and can tell what is going on with my body - what needs strengthening, what needs stretching, and what needs extra attention. She adjusts accordingly and an adjustment which initially seems supported version of an exercise surprisingly turns into an isolated and focused movement that works the crap out of me (in a good way)! Since she watches so closely, she doesn't let me get away with doing even one repetition wrong, but she doesn't push so much that I strain and do a move incorrectly.


Over the year that I have worked with Cristina, she occasionally will use her other training, reflexology and fascial release massage techniques to name a few, to optimize my session. She has a down to earth, positive energy about her which just adds to my workout and can even change my mood after a grueling day at work. Honestly I was never thought I needed a Pilates trainer but Cristina elevates my experience from just a private session to a personal session that I look forward to every week".

Sohah I


"Kristina has been my Pilates instructor for 3 years and counting. I feel so lucky to have found her because not only is she extremely knowledgeable but she is also a friend. She is warm and caring in her approach to Pilates, considering my mood and overall well-being when deciding on a routine for the session. She challenges me but does not push beyond my limits. I find some instructors overly technical but Kristina filters the information in a way that I can understand it and benefit from it. She has a holistic perspective that includes a healthy diet and lifestyle but is not extremist about it -- we both love food and wine! Its such a relief to have a health professional not make me feel guilty about indulging from time to time! Her sense of humor and optimism always puts me in a good mood, which can be just as important as the physical. I came to her with a bad back problem, and since we've been working together I have gained strength and alignment with no back pain since! I have become longer, leaner and more toned...all thanks to Kristina!"

Dina Pugh






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